Our Team

s-harris-2013Susan Harris

Director of Operations

With over 20 years experience in owning and operating numerous successful ventures, I have combined my love of business success and cutting edge marketing strategies to bring our clients smart, insightful solutions along with rapid implementation.

My approach to business has always been to ask: Where do people go to find real information? The answer is to find someone you trust and trust in their strategies, follow their lead and implement their techniques into your success. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

My main focus is to listen to our client’s vision and map a plan together to find the best tactics for their success; from there develop a strategy to carry out the decisions and provide milestones and tasks for our team to complete.  We have a straightforward approach that takes each step into consideration to get the most out of our time and strengths so that you, our client, can gain from those strengths in your online presence.

I am a huge supporter of building a referral-based business and the use of our referred partners and social media allows companies to take this to the highest level as they will have the opportunity to not only network with prospects and clients but to also listen to what their customers have to say and to provide valuable customer service when it is crucial to their reputation.

Rance Aaron
Director of Technology