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We Provide Support in All Phases of Your Online Presence

Effective online solutions are more than just building a pretty website,   You need a full range of services that will increase your website’s appeal and sustainability.

We believe that a company’s website should be the core of their brand building. Your website can inform, educate, assist, transact and communicate with your audience. When properly developed, a corporate website can provide an incredible return on investment and significantly reduce operation costs.

While a strong corporate website is the first step along the path to online marketing success, it is merely one piece of a much larger puzzle. Prior to building your next website we ask you to consider your overall Internet marketing strategy and what role your website will ultimately play. How are you going to drive traffic to the site? What is your competition doing online and how much money are they spending?

To answer these questions we encourage you to contact High Impact Website Design and inquire about our website strategy process.

High Impact Website Design is a full service, interactive firm committed to providing the best approach for your online presence by developing your vision.  Our goal is simply to provide a internet presence of your business with website solutions that fit not only your budget, but your identity.  We will plan, build and promote your website to effortlessly sell for you 24/7. Since we use an Open Source platform we don’t overcharge for our services.

Keeping your website running smoothly and keeping it up to date is not hard if you have a support team in place at all times.  Even if we did not design and build your website, we can manage, improve and maintain your website efficiently and cost effectively.  Support is a crucial part of your business, don’t leave your company’s online presence to chance.

Let us show you how to market, plan and build your success with the latest technology and innovative techniques available today.  We understand that the ever changing world wide web is hard to navigate and we will help you understand the changes that are needed to get your site ranked and getting you traffic. The old ways are no longer viable. Keyword stuffing and black hat SEO are out and niche marketing is in. Get the right advice and support you need.

Non Profits receive discounts on website and we will donate to your organization for referrals

Non-Profits receive discounts on website design. HIWD will donate to your organization when you refer another company and they purchase a website.